General information

Royal Corner Twist is a speedcubing competition in Växjö. The competition will be held on the 31th of Mars to the 1st of April 2018.


Registration and payment is made through the WCA website here. There is a registration fee of 150 SEK which will be payed upon registration. The fee is for covering the venue cost and no profit is made.

First time?

If this is your first competition it is recommended to read through the WCA guidelines. This video is good at explaining the general procedure as well.


Adress: Liedbergsgatan 11, 352 32 Växjö

Car: There is free parking available at the back of the hotel.

Public transport: Traveling by public transport, the easiest stop to hop of is Växjö resecentrum. To get from there to the venue you would walk beside the graveyard, turning right at ‘Liedbergsgatan’. You can find directions here.

Accommodation & food

We recommend staying at the Hotel the competition is held at. A discount is offered for competitors. Enter the code "Royal Corner Twist" upon booking. To benefit of the discount you must register through phone or email.


Single room
650 kr
Double room
850 kr
Triple room
1050 kr
Four bedroom
1250 kr
The prices includes room, breakfast, wifi and access to the relaxing area. You can read more about the hotel here. From the hotel there is a walking distance to many restaurants offering a wide variety of both lunch and dinner options.


You can see the preliminary schedule here.


The competition is made possible thanks to: